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We help in obtaining permission for display of advertisement through Trucks/ Radio taxis / Auto-rickshaws / Private buses operating in the city.

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Advertisement permission

Obtaining a branding license or permission is the first and foremost step for doing any branding over vehicles such as auto rickshaw, tempos, truck, or bus in India. The license or permit is granted by the RTO or civic authorities for all kinds of vehicle branding. Understanding the licensing and registration regulations from a municipal corporation or authority can be challenging, and thus vehicle owners, agency or firms may seek help from the licensing consultants for the same.

Advertisement over the vehicle is the message displays on the top, sides, or back of the vehicle. Advertisements on the vehicle body in the form of paint, wraps, or decals are very effective in terms of gaining attention.

Creative may contain logo, brand message, owner details, and contact information i.e email, phone number & website. custom creative can be used with adherence to the terms and conditions of authority.

At lorryzone, we guide our clients through the entire journey of vehicle branding from licensing to branding.

Every vehicle owner(individual or company) operating entity in the country has to obtain a license or no objection certificate for displaying any logo, image, text on the body of the vehicle.

Lorryzone experts assist clients in applying the license application, as well as personally submits the documents offline. Through the extensive network and professional liaison with the regulatory authorities, lorryzone experts help in obtaining quick authorization of the license.

List of basic documents for new or renewal of license:

  • Registration certificate of vehicle
  • Identity proof of vehicle owner
  • Address proof of vehicle owner
  • Fitness certificate of vehicle
  • Insurance copy
  • Pollution certificate
  • Affidavit

*list of documents may vary from authority to authority.

Consequent upon the deposit of required fee at the rates prescribed by RTO and civic authorities, submission of the affidavit, as per the prescribed format and completion of all other requirements, permission / no objection certificate is granted to agency or owner for the display of advertisement on the vehicle.

With a vast number of documents required, which vary with the region and state, the process of obtaining an advertisement license is complex and tedious. We at lorryzone have a systematic checklist based documentation process as per the requirement of authority. A dedicated team and extensive network to liaison with the regulatory authority help in fulfilling the application and getting the license approved in minimalist time required.


For more specific pricing, contact us via call, email, or chat. We will be happy to hear from you. The cost of obtaining a license varies a lot on various factors such as region, duration, branded area, vehicle size, etc.

Terms & conditions for allotment of permission for display of advertisement through trucks/ radio taxis / auto-rickshaws / private buses operating in the city :

The permission can be granted as per the terms & conditions stated below:

  • That the permission for display of advertisement shall be granted to the owner of the vehicle only.
  • The basic document required for submission of application for display of advertisement over a vehicle as stated above.
  • In certain states, permission is only available for the display of the non-backlit advertisement.
  • In addition to the fee, the advertisement tax shall also be payable in advance for each display.
  • The permission is valid only the period for which the advance fee has been deposited for the particular vehicle. The fee is payable on a quarterly, half-yearly & yearly basis.
  • The vehicle, for which permission has been granted, shall always carry a certificate of permission issued by the advertisement department.
  • The area for advertisement/name/logo shall not exceed 75% of the surface area on each side of the vehicle except the front of the vehicle
  • The permission shall be granted only for the vehicles whose primary purpose is to serve a useful function in the transportation or conveyance of persons or commodities from one place to another. No transport vehicle shall be used for the sole purpose of advertising.
  • No vehicle carrying advertisement shall be parked on a public right of way or in a location on private property for a long duration, which is visible right of way. Even during the night stay, the vehicle shall be parked in a manner that the advertisement is not visible to the traffic on any road.
  • That the entire marketing for advertisement, providing the vehicle to the advertiser or day to day operation, wear & tear, etc, will be the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner and authorities shall not be responsible or liable for any loss of time or cannot be a party to any dispute arising out of non-placement of the vehicle, wear and tear, due to the advertisement or any legal implications arising out of the display of the advertisement.
  • No directional signs or arrows shall be permitted on vehicles carrying fleet advertising.
  • All fleet advertising shall be affixed, painted, magnetically applied on the outer surface of the vehicle, or mounted on the vehicles, as specified.
  • No animation or movement, in any form, shall be permitted in fleet advertising.
  • Advertising devices shall not interfere in any way with the mandatory vehicle signs, such as number place, etc.
  • No advertisement which is indecent/obscene or offensive to good taste or against public sentiments or in contravention of the provisions of DMC act, advertisement bye-laws framed thereunder and the relevant directions of the courts of law, shall be permissible;
  • That the advertisement shall be displayed in a proper manner taking all precautions against electrocution/accidents and the corporation shall not be responsible for any negligence, injury, or casualty on any account whatsoever. The owner of the vehicle shall be bound to indemnify and reimburse the corporation for all claims, demands, loss, charges, cost, and expenses which it may have to incur or which accrue on account of infringement of any of the terms & conditions.
  • Display of advertisement shall be in strict adherence to the directions of outdoor advertisement policy, 2007 of the hon'ble supreme court of India.
  • The delivery vehicle shall be permitted to display advertisements as approved by the department.
  • The No Objection Certificate shall be deemed to have been terminated on the completion period from the date of issuance unless renewed.
  • It shall be incumbent upon the owner of the vehicle/advertising company to inform the department regarding the continuation of the display beyond the permitted period and necessary prior permission must be obtained from the department, in this regard. Any display beyond the permitted period shall be treated as illegal and shall invite panel proceedings from the department and cancellation of No Objection Certificate with immediate effect.
  • Permission will be granted with subject to adherence of the guidelines on the policy be framed by the transport department & submission of photographs of proposed display on the vehicles.
  • A No Objection Certificate or certificate can be applied for a period of one quarter to a year, thus, it requires renewal every time. The renewal has to be filed at least 7 days prior to its expiry.
  • Firm or vehicle owner shall ensure that the corresponding civic authority always has to have the updated information for their branding content and shall inform the relevant authority of any deviation or additions or changes in branding or any other component information based on which the permission was granted and such information shall be conveyed before the changes occur.

We at lorryzone have also helped many companies and vehicle owners to get the certificate for vehicle branding and continue their business activity at ease.

We at lorryzone also have services to assist in modification, renewal, and issue of duplicate No Objection Certificate.

Lorryzone provides advisory support to clients globally for vehicle branding certificate as per the regulations. To avail of the vehicle branding services from us or to see a sample permit, please do not hesitate to drop us an email on or call us at +91- 8587 911 064.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes..!!! A No object certificate from Authorities is required to place any advertisement over any vehicle, either it's personal or commercial. Rules are different for almost every municipal corporations. In some cities, you need to get permission for RTO & in some areas, need to contact municipal corporation.

For private cars, you need to take permission as well need to pay advertisement tax. private vehicles are not licensed to do any commercial activity. By putting banner or decal of any brand, you are commercializing your vehicle and earning revenue.

Yes, it is..!!! But user must pay required advertisement tax along with permission for display of advertisement.

It is..!!! But vehicle owner needs to take permission and pay required advertisement tax in advance.

If the vehicle owner displaying his own commercial, then he needs to inform the local authorities and get the written consent.Any advertisement put anywhere requires you to pay some tax to the govt. If you paint your compound wall with some ad, the municipality or panchayat will ask you to pay tax. All advertising agencies are aware of it. It's also applicable to vehicles.

Yes..!!! But you can not cover front or rear windshield with any of the personalized sticker other than issued or governed by Government of India.

Cost for permit is different in each state for each type of vehicle, which starts from 2000 to 30000 per Annum.

Agencies We WorkDealWith Legal Licenses.