We feel happy to have been able to provide advertisers, the facility to promote their brand by Cab/Taxi Advertising. This is yet another direct way to pop-up your message to customers while they are traveling on roads in Indian cities. Traffic condition in India is getting worse day by day and on an average, people need to spend 30-45 minutes in a cab/taxi every single day. Now that’s where advertisers can grab this time to spread an innovative message and monetize a ‘potential’ audience.

Not only Chennai, but we provide Car Advertisement services in other major cities of Tamilnadu like Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Tiruppur, Salem, Erode & Tirunelveli and so on..

Citibank - Car Advertisement in Chennai

Citibank always focuses on differentiating targeting strategies to provide best-suited services to consumers whether it is retail banking, securities market services or banking to the institutional clients. Car Advertisement campaigns increase the frequency at which your advertisements are viewed. Lorryzone helped Citibank to reach out to varied audiences numerous times in a day thus increasing impact and penetration of their message and hence, fulfilling their targeting strategies.

ITC - Car Advertisement in Chennai

ITC has diversified and extended product portfolio. From time to time it takes help of several promotional activities to market its products and create positive brand awareness. One such initiative was to promote through cab/taxi advertisements. We helped them to pinpoint exactly where their potential customers were and they didn’t waste their media budget and time by advertising in areas not pertinent to their business.

ShopClues - Car Advertisement in Chennai

ShopClues has adopted several marketing policies to create a distinctive brand name. It launched ad campaigns using our Car Advertisement medium. We created a run schedule that saw our vehicles carrying ShopClues brand name travel into important junctions and remote areas as well and delivered the message in an unrestrictive, elusive, yet highly effective manner.

Bank Of India - Car Advertisement in Chennai

Bank Of India has always taken initiatives to attract consumers towards their various policies. They have also tried cab/taxi advertising medium to promote their brand and attractive policies in every nook and corner of Chennai city. The main aim of Car Advertisement was towards insurance which can be purchased by the common man so as to increase the reach of the company and at the same time, the sale of the product. Thus, we helped them in product introduction in rural areas and product retention in the mind of the customers, which resulted in generating enormous ROI.

Take your idea to the next level.

If you have some idea? We have your advertising media. These are just some of the companies that have utilized our services in Chennai and we have yet to see an unhappy customer. If you are looking for great customer experience, brand recall, awareness, and an overall great ROI look no further than us, Contact us today!


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