Artwork or visuals can be added to mobile van to build and reinforce knowledge perception of a company's brands, business plans and services. Whether the vehicles feature a simple logo or a full-coverage "billboard"-style wrap advertisement, they can promote a moving, dynamic, high-impact advertising strategy that can turn heads, increase brand recognition and grow business.

We are delighted to say that we provide advertising solutions for mobile van advertisements in Noida. Our media is 100% mobile,that provides our clients a completely unrestricted and flexible opportunity to reach all the locations.

Mahindra - Mobile Van Advertising Noida

Mahindra came out and launched their 106CC motorcycle. Using a mobile advertising service, Mahindra was able to create durable ocular impact of their brand and reach muckle of audiences efficiently that might be looking for a new motorcycle.

Mahindra left us as very happy customers and became another example of a simple idea walking away with a great ROI.

Reliance Digital- Mobile Van Advertising Noida

Reliance Digital came to us to help launch a mobile advertising campaign that saw the launch of new Reliance Digital stores across Noida. We helped them hit the streets and went where no static billboard could, targeting residents in that geolocation and making them aware of the stores opening.

We were delighted to see that the newly opened stores popularity rose and we love it when we see clients tell us about the great ROI that they have received.

Bank of Baroda- Mobile Van advertising Delhi

BOB had an aim to be friend of every person who is looking for financial help across the nation. The bank had launched 'Trader's Loan up to 4 crore', hence, in order to promote the concept extensively across Bengal, the idea of mobile van advertising came into the picture. The intent of the campaign was to promote the ease of loan transactions via various facilities of BOB and thus, to make easy processing of loan for every trader. We as their trusted partners helped them to reach out to their targeted audiences through eye catchy mobile van billboards notifying about all the easy avialblity of loan with minimum paperwork.

Big Bazaar- Mobile Van Advertising Noida

Big Bazaar is a household name in India offering products for a kitchen to home care. Utilising our Mobile Van Advertisements in Noida, they were able to target a significant amount of people, from all age groups. We provided them with continuous evaluation of campaign performance and audience reaction, allowing them to execute relevant communications and meet key objectives.

Peppertap - Mobile Van Advertising Noida

Peppertap has adopted an intensive marketing strategy because it realises the advertising power of consumer mindset. Its campaigns are advertised via, magazines, newspapers, television, billboards and social media to attract maximum brand vulnerability. We as their trusted media partners helped them to launch successful campaigns, and the results speak for themselves. We love seeing clients get a great ROI on their business, because not only is it good for them, it's good for us.

Take your idea to the next level.

If you have some idea? We have your advertising media. These are just some of the companies that have utilised our services in Noida and we have yet to see an unhappy customer. If you are looking for great customer experience, brand recall, awareness, and an overall great ROI look no further than us, Contact us today!


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